HNMUN 2014: The delegates of UNPAD for HNMUN 2014 from the first wave


For those name below: 

Andi Mochamad Jananto
(Faculty of Economic and Business-2011)

 Dwina P. Wirapradja
(Faculty of Communications-2011)

Himawan Pradipta
(Faculty of Arts-2012)

 Nadia Khairani 
 (Faculty of Economic and Business-2011)

Pradhityo Adibowo
(Faculty of Economic and Business-2011)

Scarlattino Yacob
(Faculty of Law-2011)

Sri Hudaya Widihastha
 (Faculty of Medicine-2010)

You are going to be the representative of Universitas Padjadjaran in Harvard National Model United Nations 2014 that will be held in Boston, MA, USA. For more details regarding the first meeting, please feel free to contact the Faculty Advisors.

Congratulations for the delegates of Universitas Padjadjaran for Harvard National Model United Nations 2014 from the first wave! For those that have not being accepted, you may apply on the second wave selection.

 Adri Chairulfatah&Astary Adyahardiyanti
Faculty Advisor Universitas Padjadjaran for HNMUN 2014

contact person:
Adri : +6281802148888
Riry : +628111862208/@astaryadya 

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