HNMUN 2014: 1st Stage Announcement for the 2nd Wave!


We are happy to inform that these name below:

Anara Mayo (Law-2011)
Angkasa Ramatuan Hamdan (Medicine-2010)
Aria Wisnurashid Nugrahadi (Economic and Business-2011)
Boris Adivarrahman (Economic and Business-2010)
Erika Tania Dessyandra (Communications-2011)
Fadhilah Fitri (Statistics-2012)
Jasmine Darania Vitagi (Law-2012)
Jeremia Purba (Psychology-2011)
Joshua Emmanuel Damanik (Economic and Business-2012)
Kara Angginapraja (Communications-2010)
Monique Arlica (Art-2012)
Muhamad Hafiz (Social and Political-2012)
Navajo Bima Hadisuwarno (Social and Political-2012)
Nindita Shafira Jumantara (2011)
Niola Ramadhena (Law-2010)
Nurul Fitri Ramadhani (Art-2010)
Raafi Nurlistiani (Social and Political-2012)
Rafif Muhammad Rizqullah (Law-2012)
Renaldi Perdana Kusuma (Economic and Business-2010)
Samisara Manggala Hutagalung (Economic and Business-2011)
Vina Andhiani Muliana (Agriculture-2010)
Zulfi Prayogo (Social and Political-2011)

You all have passed the first stage of Universitas Padjadjaran for Harvard National Model United Nations 2014 selection. On the next stage, you will do a mini-caucus that will be done under Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) and the topic will be Targeted Killings. We have sent the further details for the next stage that will be held on:

             date: Saturday, June 15th 2013
             time: 13.00-end

What you will have to prepare are:
  • Position paper (250 words minimum and 1 page maximum) for the country you represent;
  • Country name placard for the country that you represent
Please submit the position paper before midnight on June 13th 2013 to


Faculty Advisors of Universitas Padjadjaran for HNMUN 2014

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