HNMUN 2014: 1st Stage Announcement

Andi Mochammad Jananto
(Faculty of Economic and Business-2011)
Anna Thealita
(Faculty of Agriculture-2012)
Antares Ramadhan Lubis
(Faculty of Law-2011)
Artha Wanodya Uthami
(Faculty of Law-2011)
Badzlina Anindyka
(Faculty of Economic and Business-2010)

Bonar Simeon Bintang
(Faculty of Law-2012)
Cita Prestisia Marieta Adiwilaga
(Faculty of Economic and Business-2010)
Debby Yerica Christine D.
(Faculty of Law)
Dwina P. Wirapradja
(Faculty of Communications-2011)
Fadhly Abdurrahman
(Faculty of Law-2010)
Himawan Pradipta
(Faculty of Arts-2012)
Ikhsan Sosrowidjojo
(Faculty of Communications-2010)
Indra Maulana Azwan
(Faculty of Agriculture-2010)
Muthia Evirayani
(International Relations-2012)
Nadia Khairani
(Faculty of Economic and Business-2011)

Nisa Masyitah

Pradhityo Adibowo
(Faculty of Economic and Business-2011)

Reza Muhammad Darmawan
(Faculty of Law-2011)

Sakina Rachmianty
(Faculty of Economic and Business-2011)

Scarlattino Yacob
(Faculty of Law-2011)
Siti Nisrina Hasna
(Faculty of Agriculture-2011)

Sri Hudaya Widihastha
(Faculty of Medicine-2010)
Vina Andhiani Muliana
(Faculty of Agriculture-2010)
We are gladly announced that these people have passed the first stage of Universitas Padjadjaran for Harvard National Model United Nations 2014 selections. On the next stage, you will do a mini-caucus that will be done under Special Political and Decolonisation (SPECPOL) and the topic will be Nuclear Safety and the Effects of Atomic Radiation. We have sent the further details for the next stage that will be held on:
          date              : Saturday, June 1st 2013
          time              : 13.00 - end
What you will have to prepare for the topic are:
  • Position paper (250 words minimum and 1 page maximum) for the country you represent;
  • Country name placard for the country that you represent
Please submit the position paper before midnight on May 30th 2013 to
Faculty Advisors of Universitas Padjadjaran for HNMUN 2014

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