Jakarta Model United Nations

ISAFIS (Indonesian Student Association for International Studies) is a youth association and has stand for more than 26 years as student organization in Indonesia, with members that came from various universities and background. One of main programs of ISAFIS is discussions on international issues conducted with the government, embassies, and even NGOs. To bring international studies closer through practice and real life experience, this year ISAFIS also provide diplomatic course adapted from Model United Nations to both members and parties interested to it.

Jakarta Model United Nations (JMUN) 2011 is one of prominent programs of ISAFIS. JMUN would take place in Jakarta with diverse delegates come from mainly Indonesia and also targeting to some foreign delegates. The delegates are active and brilliant students from various universities. JMUN asks each delegate to step into the shoes of those from entirely dif­ferent cultures, to gain much better understanding across borders.

Logo of JMUN 2011

JMUN will be held on June 26 -30, 2011. By the time goes by, the development of Model United Nations in Indonesia so fast. For you who is interested, you can contact Lusia Novita Sari or just go to JMUN Website.

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