Live Update from Suntec, Singapore

March 15, 2011 - Session I

We came late for the session I. Most of the delegations have known where were their rooms. As usual, DISEC and SPECPOL are given the biggest rooms and Conceil d'eta du Second Empire is the smallest room for this event (trust me it is very very small). UNPAD Delegates were still observing the situation in session I. Most of them were sit still and so silent. Anyway, it was session I and lots of sessions to go, so okay lah.

Maybe this is from the session I. We will try to live update every session in WMUN 2011.


March 15, 2011 - Session II

So, the discussion was continued in session II. Most of UNPAD delegates have not been state their country position which made them doubt to move further. Thank God, in this session most of them made it to give country statement. Unexpectedly, some of the countries have started to create working paper. Anyway, today's sessions were good. They can handle most of the obstacles there and even improvise their actions in each committee.

nb: The social event was great. We do learn something from them (Harvard People): "Work Hard, Party Harder"

Keep rockin' guys!

March 16, 2011 - Session I

So the working paper agenda has been set in most of the committees here. Fortunately, UNPAD delegates have prepared their paper and attracted other nations to follow their arguments. It was good, some of them were really into the discussion and negotiations even some of the delegates prove it by joining lunch with their alliance and informal negoatiation in the social event.

nb: There was only one session for today. Anyway, the social event was fun. They do enjoy it and create lots of friends there.

Be better for tomorrow, aces!

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