Our Next Move...

It is two days to go before the 20th Harvard World Model United Nations (WMUN) will be officially started. Before we move further, I would like to introduce you to Faculty Advisors of WMUN 2011. The most beautiful FA of WMUN 2011, Nindita Humaira Triyono. She graduated from faculty of Economics in 2010. Nindita's partner is Haikal Ananta Setiawan, of course the most handsome FA of WMUN 2011. He also has graduated, (also) from the faculty of economics and (also) in year 2010. Both of them were alumni of HNMUN. Nindita was alumnus of 2010 and Haikal was alumnus of 2008.

So break a leg WMUN Delegates and their FAs. Show them who we are!

By the way, WMUN delegates also was interviewed by the official of Web UNPAD. You can access it by click here.

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