HNMUN expired.

The truth is, nothing's impossible.
It was began when I heard a whispered information about HNMUN (Harvard National Model United Nations); at that time I was not in a serious mood to participate any 'out-side-lecture-program'.
When I heard the word United States (not United Nations), I became really curious. I love US. You can see on my wall inside my boarding house, there is a big poster of HOLLYWOOD. I made it.
Then again, I received a flier about HNMUN. I did not really onto it, even further, I left that flier somewhere.
But, I seek on the internet accidentally on facebook -thanks Mark- about Seleksi UNPAD HNMUN 2011.
I started feeling pessimistic. I realized that I do have nothing experience in organization or such MUN before. Yet, I am not graving my name on something important such as big seminar or event or something. 
Nothing to regret, I put soul on that selection. I prepared for CV and application letter, my cousin helped me very very much. I learned how to make mine.

On the first day of selection, the pressure already big - not yet huge - all of participants were good looking and seemed way better than me. Some of them have tons of organizational experience.I was desperate and wanted to go home at that time.
Then, I reminded my self that this is only the first day of selection, do not retreat.
Day two, the selection. I took it as an experience, not a challenge. I put myself to enjoy this, encouraged myself just to be me.
Day three, this was the day of judgement, either you went home or yay! Me usually arrogant and ambitious and I realize it often does not came out good. I prayed to God and saying things about 'okay if I fail this time'. Pushing myself harder only pushing the stress level higher, pushing away the good atmosphere. Relax is not the key, calm and prepared is the key.
Like at the first time I feel I know everything, actually I am not. That is the important of learning and studying.

On the D Day of announcement, I passed. I did. I did. I cried, I laughed, and I shut up.
HNMUN 2011 expired nowadays, but it stays lasting in my heart. Thank you. It gave me an irreplaceable memories, crush, and experience, Friends.
Now, I look back at what I have done. It proved one thing, I am just a tiny person who need a lot lot of self-exploration. This is only my first step.
Ahead, is ocean, galaxy, tons of black holes waiting to be discovered - by me.
Warm hug.

by Dyah Ayu Prima Rukmi
Student of International Relations 

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