Road to HNMUN 2017

Hello MUN Enthusiast!

through this post, we are excited to inform you a brief explanation about Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) and there will also be testimonials from some of Universitas Padjadjaran Representatives for HNMUN 2016!

As we all already know, HNMUN is world's largest, oldest and most prestigious MUN. It was founded a decade after the United Nations created and annually, HNMUN is held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. After 8 months of training, last February our university's delegation team take role in the 62nd Session of HNMUN. We were representing the Republic of Paraguay and was separated in 10 different committees (DISEC, SOCHUM, SPECPOL, Legal, WHO, Historical General Assembly, 1979, World Conference on Women, United Nations Human Rights Council, United Nations Environment Programme and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. 

This May we will open up 2 waves of recruitment for all UNPAD students who are willing to feel the ambience of HNMUN 2017. There are a lot of things that you can learn here through the training and of course the Conference! 

Here are the testimonials from some of Unpad Representatives for HNMUN 2016!

Do not waste your time too much on thinking but rather on preparing yourself and remember that every accomplishment starts with a decision to try!

For further information, do not hesitate to contact the Faculty Advisors for HNMUN 2017,
Jessica (line: jessicapsh // 081385099978) Fathan (line: fathanzf // 081282556106) also the official website of HNMUN
for more update information, stay tuned on our Social Media @unpadformun 

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