Good News From New York!

Good news from Universitas Padjadjaran Delegation for National Model United Nations New York 2013 ("NMUN-NY 2013"). Unpadformun sent 7 delegates and 3 advisors to represent Singapore in the NMUN-NY 2013, organized by National Collegiate Conference Association. We got Honorable Mention, and it was the greatest feelings for us because the announcement was inside the UN Headquarter General Assembly Hall, New York. Hope this is just the beginning from many others achievements in the future.

Congratulation to Universitas Padjadjaran Delegation for NMUN-NY 2013!

The Delegates:

1. Wulan Andriany Putri (FEB 2009, GA2)
2. Viddy Nauffal (FISIP 2011, GA2)
3. Damianus Andreas (FIKOM 2011, C34)
4. Dionisius Arga (FEB 2011, UNCTAD)
5. Fitriah Tjenreng (FIKOM 2010, IAEA)
6. Boris Natahael (FEB 2011, GA4)
7. Hario Firsta (FIB 2011, GA1)

Thank you to our Advisors:

1. Rizka Mantini (HNMUN 2010, GMUN 2010, GMUN 2011, FH 2007)
2. Nindita Humaira Triyono (HNMUN 2010, Harvard WMUN 2011, FE 2006)
3. Gahara Primasantana (Harvard WMUN 2011, Harvard WMUN 2012, FE 2007)

 Let's hear it from New York!!

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