Warmest Hello from HNMUN 2013

Satria Parama-Artha
Psychology 2011

DOB: 17th December 1993
TOEFL Score: 580
Favourite Authors: George Orwell and Kurt Vonnegut
Favourite Musics: Metal to Dubstep

Growing up with the interest in languages and towering curiosity, he went on to develop this fondness for English and pretty much everything that goes with it including reading, writing, dialects, a little bit of culture, and so on. With this natural thirst for adventure and new experiences, he happened to take part in the open recruitment for HNMUN and eventually chosen to be one of the delegates from Padjadjaran University. Now with the Model of United Nations in mind and his ideals still intact, his ideal committee would be Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee or SOCHUM for short. Considering the discrepant current social conditions everywhere around the globe, the values fuelling him to pick this committee would be that everyone should have equal rights including freedom of speech and opportunity for a decent living standards.

Spending all 19 years of his life in Indonesia, his last 4 years in Bandung, and never studied abroad before, due to the exposure to foreign media and cultures, he developed personal values which might be quite the different from the society he lives in and a fluently spoken English with an accent normally associated with British Accent; but not the same accent you'd expect from Harry Potter films, his accent's much less discernible.

Femilia Heidyanti
Law 2010

DOB : July 5th 1992
TOEFL Score : -
Favourite movies: Lion King

Here goes, Femilia Heidyanti, a third year student from Faculty of Law who really loves cat and claimed herself as a tree hugger and a full time lover. She enjoys riding bicycle, as much as listening to Beyonce’s and Arctic Monkey’s songs. Environment  is one of her biggest interest, that’s why she's currently taking Environmental Law as her major in Faculty of Law in order to pursue her dreams to become an expert in Environmental Law. Femi used to involved in many activities in Campus such as ALSA Care and Share and Padjadjaran Law Fair. Now she’s taking less activity as she wants to focus in her college.

HNMUN is Femi’s first experience in joining MUN. Beforehand, Indonesia MUN was one of her choice to join in but she’s just into HNMUN. When Femi first knew about the reqruitment for Unpad delegations of HNMUN 2013, she directly took that chance and Thank God, She got accepted. It’s a once in a lifetime chance instead of going to USA with nothing but holiday. 

Other than environment, Femi’s interest of North Korea makes her wants to take part in The Korean peninsula Reunification Summit, 1972. In addition to it, Commision on the Status of Women and UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Education also become her optional committee. Having sister living and studying in USA encourage Femi to follow her sister’s footprint. She promised herself  to always do the best she can do and be the best she can be and she will prove it in HNMUN 2013!  

 Astary Adyahardiyanti
Economic & Business 2011

Astary Adyahardiyanti, that shortly called Riry, is second year student in Faculty of Economic and Business. She is taking Economic and Development as her major subject. She spends most of her free time by writing a blog, reading and listening songs. She is able to speak English, Deutsch and currently learning Korean. As much as she loves travelling and learning languages, she also loves to riding roller-coaster. One day, she said, she should able to riding every roller-coaster in every countries that she has been visited.

Before finally being accepted in University of Padjajaran, she was a student in Al-Azhar 4 Senior High School, Bekasi. Her biggest dream is to travelling around the world without paying anything, and instead being paid. Like Sri Mulyani and Dino Patti Djalal. That’s why at first she was looking forward to be in International Relationship. However, she finally ended in Faculty of Economic and Business.

Grown up in a society where she meet a lot of people that representing Indonesia in International Organization, she is being inspired. Meeting people from many countries, travelling around the world, brainstorming about recent issues and looking for the way to solve the problems, she is so much interested. As a developing country, she believes that, Indonesian should taking huge roles in International Organization.

Being a delegate of Harvard National Model United Nation is beyond her expectation. Being honest, she said, she just wants to meet new people there and going to Harvard, where she would love to continue her study. And after she was announced as one of delegates, she surely believe this path might help her a lot to achieve her goals. That one day, she might sit as one of Indonesia’s representatives in International Organization or any international events.

Jeremia Lumbantobing
Law 2010

There is a boy who was born in medan August 19th 1992, he was raised in music family. He loves music so much especially singing, and playing piano. His devotion in  music, doesen’t make him forget his academic things. He always gives his best  for it and everything in his life. When he was child he had a dream to have an education abroad. he always believes that it is going to be reached. He always take a part in music event or non-music event with a hope through that event, it can be easier and one more step closer  for him to reach his dream to have an education abroad. One of that event is HNMUN. He likes quote which say “dream, believe and make it happen”. He has had a dream, he always believes, and now he is going to make it happen with joining HNMUN. Besides, as a law student he has to have a ability in make an opinion and a good debate. He hopes with joining HNMUN his going to understand and comprehend in doing negotiation and diplomacy.

Ziggy Zeirckaellaeisezabrizkie
Law 2011

Ziggy Zeirckaellaeisezabrizkie, except for her name, she has never felt to be so interesting compared to others, but if you ask her closest ones they’d say she often does unusual facial expression, like comical expression. She doesn’t find that unique because she’s been living with her siblings who she thinks also have those unusual facial expression, and nerdy way of speaking. She has never tried to be under the spotlight, after all, she’s just a gratefully happy ‘medium’ girl.

She may have never been the most popular girl, but she once tasted the greatness of being the smartest one and an athletic girl too. Unfortunately after she had graduated from Elementary School, she just lost it, it’s not that she didn’t achieve anything after the graduation but just not so many medals. However, unfortunately the lack of passion continues until she got into University of Padjadjaran where she’s not involved in so many campus activities and is not a member of any organization, if you ever see her being a committee of any event, it’s either she’s interested with the event or a close friend has done a great persuasion.

In HNMUN case, she’s absolutely interested because she thought it could be her first step to be involved in a campus activity that she finds meaningful because through MUN she’s able to develop the skill of elaborating her thoughts and also be more aware about the world issues.

Matheace Ramaputra
Law 2010

DOB: June 24th 1991
Favorite Authors: Arthur Conan Doyle and J.K.Rowling
Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings

His name is quite difficult to say,but actually you can just call him Mateas,if you wonder why he got his name like that,than he will say that he don’t know why,so it’s useless to ask that. He loves to do some sports and reading novels, mostly about Sherlock Holmes and Body of Lies, his favorite books. He also likes to enjoy Saturday morning so much that he always say that Saturday morning is the best moment of jis days in a week.

His motivation to join HNMUN 2013 is because of his knoledge about HNMUN.He was at senior high school,and one day while he was reading a newspaper,he read about Indonesia delegation for HNMUN,so he thought that HNMUN is cool for him,so he vowed to himself to be an Indonesian delegate at HNMUN one day.
Currently,he is a reporter for VONIS,a local media press at faculty of law .He must gather interesting issues in campus and publish it into articles. He was also a general treasurer at local legislative organization (as known as BPM) at his faculty. He was also a member at Indonesian Future Leaders Jakarta.

 Alfian Nur Ahmad 
Social & Politics 2009

Super busy days have always been occured for this student of government science, social and political faculty, universitas padjadjaran, Alfian Nur Ahmad. He was born on bandung, 5th august 1991. He is now a last year student and been offered to take a fast track program to accelerate his graduation. With addition to that, he is now working on his final project with also do some organizational activities and entertainment time besides taking a regular class. He participated in Non-profit organization Indonesian Future Leaders Chapter Bandung at External Department position. When he is not overwhelmed with his regular time, he always spends his time by watching movies, reading some novels or books, and listening to the music. But mostly, watching movies took all of his entertaintment time. He really loves movies especially American television series.

When he was a third year at high school, He participated in ASEAN simulation council which held by one of the universities in Bandung, represented Cambodia. To put it bluntly, it was his moment to have an interest in diplomatic courses and international relations study. After that, while he was in college, he happened to participated in some debate competition both inside and outside the university and emerged in some extra student organization activities. He has been sent to be the delegation of his faculty to negotiate with other students from every universities in Indonesia that has committed to the organization. Later on, On the last february, he went to Penang, Malaysia, participating in exchange program at Universiti Sains Malaysia for one month, majoring international relations. he had attended into some master classes and studying about comparative social policy in Asia, economic transformation in Asia, and the other subject of international relations. It enhanced his interest in global issues more widely and made him wanted to have a future career in diplomacy courses.

Annisa Fauzia
Law 2010

Usually called as Ica. She is interested in travel as she really wants to visit all beautiful places around the world. In campus, she is currently involved in organization called Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA).  She said that she really enjoy to get involved in some campus events. She also said that she is a MUN enthusiast, she really wants to join HNMUN because she thinks it will  improve her skills in negotiation, cooperation, and lobbying with others people, because she believes that it’s gonna be very useful for her future. She is an easy going person, she loves to meet new people, because she believes that every people that she meet gives her lessons.

Talitha Wibisono
Agriculture 2010

BOD: March 9th, 1993
Favorite Authors: Roald Dahl, Stephen King, Helen Dunmore, J.K Rowling
Favorite Movies: Narnia, Peter Pan, Harry Potter, Princess Diaries, 500 days of Summer

Her friends and her family usually call her Tetha. She is a third year student in Faculty of Agriculture, majoring Agrotechnology. Being a researcher is one of her dreams and she tries to achieve it by doing some research internship program. She try to keep her life busy by joining some organizations like BEM Faculty of Agriculture, Agriculture Art Community, and Student journalism community and she also a freelance model.

Reading is her favourite thing to do especially read the fiction books, that’s why her close friends usually call her a fairytale addict because sometimes she still wants to be a princess and has her own fantasy world. But in her free time, she also enjoy watching movies, swimming, and listening to the music.  She doesn’t have any specific movies and music genre to be enjoyed, but for movies she loves disney ones the most. Her collection of songs are Disney stars songs, She & Him, Lana del Rey and Katy Perry.  She also likes some old movies and music from the era of 60’s and 80’s.

She is so excited to be one of the delegates for HNMUN 2013 because this is the biggest chance for her to share her opinion about the global issues, to give contribution to the world and meet many people from different cultures and countries.  In the other hand, going to U.S is her biggest dream because for her  U.S is the place for dreamer and the expression of freedom. 

Erlita Jane Permatasari
Economics & Business 2009

BOD : January 8th, 1992

Favorite music/movies/authors: Jazz/ Ray/ J.K. Rowling

She is 20 years old and searching for a new and great experience that she will have to build her soft skills and makes her to be a better person. Harvard National Model United Nations 2013 will be a very great opportunities to support what she wanted to be. She thinks that if she’s being involve in Harvard National Model United Nations, she will be making new friends, increasing her communication skill, and fulfill her passion to helping others with spread her thoughts to the world. No education is complete with experience. She believe obtaining Harvard National Model United Nations 2013 will provide the necessary background for her to reach her dreams. She is a spontaneous person, that’s why she love to try new things. If life going flat, it shouldn’t called as life, she want to create her life being fun and challenging because that’s the way it should be. “We’re just life once so why don’t we improvise it sometimes and make it much more dynamic with doing things that we want to do or love to do. When there is a failure, there must be a good unexpected things waiting behind it.”, she said.

Dyah Ayu Ariyanti
Law 2010
Dyah Ayu Ariyanti or she would like to be called Ayu is a law student at Padjadjaran University Class of 2011. A huge fan of British Music such as Adele and Florence and The Machine and comedy novels by Jonathan Tropper that can makes her laugh hysterically. She has been described as talkative and lively yet friendly by her friends. Because of her talkative personality she became a skilled public speaker that actually benefits her highly in MUN.

The reason she join HNMUN is because, She had such wonderful experience in my previous MUN, because She said " I actually make friends from all over the world that I would not expect and The most valuable experience that I have in MUN is that delegates from all over the world is actually stop what they're doing to listen what I have to say".

In HNMUN Ayu would like to go to UNICEF committee. Because issues about children is what interest her the most, because she thinks that children as a future generation holds the key to the development of the world. And if they are not protected, what would become the future of this world? What makes her different about Ayu than other people is her highly motivated to be better. She is more than willing to learn new things and meet new people. And she's very open minded and free spirited to embrace things in life

Annisa Sri Bakara
Communication Science 2009

Favorite music/movies/author: She’s in love with JK Rowling and all Harry Potter novels. For local author, she likes trilogy Laskar Pelangi novel and all novels who is written by Ilana Tan. She likes watching movies, every blockbuster movies must be on her lists  in every weekend. Then listening music is her hobby too, she likes Maroon Five band and Jhon Legend and she listen their music every day but never get bored.

She never imagined before that someday HNMUN become a part of her life. When she passed all selection, she was surprise but she promised to give the best of hers because this opportunity never comes twice in life. HNMUN give her a lot of benefit such as having good friends, new experience, new knowledge that she never have in her class, improving her debate ability and English ability. But she realize that it’s just beginning so she always practice how to be a good delegate and she’s still be open minded for every advice or criticized. She’s really thankful to be a representative Unpad in HNMUN 2013.

She’s active in organization from elementary school until now. She was a secretary II in HIMA Manjemen Komunikasi, and now she is a part of Human Resources Development team in HIMA. She is an adviser and one of the supervisors for POSTER (Perkenalan Organisasi dan Dunia Kerja), an annual event for new student collage in Communication Management. She had an experience too as an Asia Africa Museum volunteer, when she became a public educator on Apple Day. 

Steffi Fransiska Hutasoit
Law 2011

Let's meet our delegate for HNMUN 2013, Steffi Susyati Fransiska Hutasoit. Steffi as she usually called by her peers and family. She is a first year student in Faculty of Law. She was born in Pontianak, October 15th 1993. To balance her hectic college schedule, Steffi involved herself in Student Christian Movement of Indonesia and was also involved in Asian Law Students Association. She loves to read novel and magazine, listens to all kind of musics especially pop and watch the movie. Her favorite book is Lady in Waiting. She likes because the book teach her how to behave like a woman who wants God. She likes pop especially maroon 5. she is freaking watch the movie. She spent her spare time to watch dvd and sleep. Her motivation of HNMUN for improving soft skills, knowledge, friendship, and especially sense of caring. By joining HNMUN, she hope she can interact with other student and discuss together about the problem that happen now and find at least one solution that we can do in the future. She wants to present in World Health Organization. Personally we know she is a pretty shy person, but once you get to know her. She's pretty funny, nice, and so on. Her strength are easy going, easy to adaptation and friendly. 

Fattah Gyasi Tamtanus
Agricultural Industrial Engineering 2009

His name is Fattah Gyasi Tamtanus people use to call him Fattah. He is a student of Agricultural Industrial Engineering Faculty student. He is a member of Loopies Radio, the real radio online in Jatinangor. You can hear him at www.loopiesradio.com. He really wants to go to HNMUN because of his dream. He wants to see the world, so he can have extensive knowledge. There are many problems in the world, and we, humans have to solve them from now. Fattah wants to make a change, a small change that can give usefulness to others. He thinks that we have to do the small step. We always ask, when? He will say “Why don’t we start from now?”. Start from little thing for the first step. If you can do the first step to change the world, you can find the way to finish it. What makes him different is his spirit. His skill is ordinary, but his spirit and ambitions is very big. We can hope to people like this to change the world, for a better place to live.

 Ziggy Zezsyazeoviennazabrizkie
Law 2011

Has rather capricious comical manner and horrendous ability to produce intense high-pitched clamor and, in other time, peculiar sarcastic-content humorous sense and speech, Ziggy Zezsyazeoviennazabrizkie involves in no official organization, lest to her contribution in family-based humanitarian cluster dedicating in providing medical health for impecunious and poverty-stricken members of local society. Personal interest, especially over human rights and, moreover, to minority issues, triggered one’s interest to join HNMUN conference in order to join global celebration of world’s discussions and therefore to mingle among arguments, information, and resolutions to the notions. Negotiations, lobbying, and ambitious aims are obviously not one’s forte, hence HNMUN are aimed to be an instrumental experience for near future.

Fadhlya Chandra Kirana
Communication Science 2010

Fadhlya Chandra Kirana, or Lya, stumbled to Faculty of Communication Science Padjadjaran University . Now she is having her third year and picking Public Relations as her department. She enjoys reading Harry Potter and Detective Conan and watching DVDs all day long at her spare time. She plans to work in a government’s corporate or in multinational company, travel to the famous cities and beautiful beaches in the world, and be a mother someday. She likes Tom Cruise as her favorite actor.

She joins with Himpunan Mahasiswa Hubungan Masyarakat Fikom Unpad at secretary division. She is also a secretary in an social organization Leo Clubs Enthusiastic Generation Jakarta. She was a volunteer in Dare to Dream 2011 in China trough AIESEC’s exchange program by teaching elementary and high school students in their summer time.

If Lya has already liked a thing or two,  usually she does it for a lifetime because she is a loyal. Her motivation in HNMUN 2013 is, to sharpen skills and to experience global things that can be applied in her future career. Because not every one can get a valuable chance to experience the Model United Nations conference abroad, she believes that this is going to be a huge step towards reaching her goals. She is interested in Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian committee. 

Mawaddi Lubby
Law 2009

Here comes an ordinary child. always joking around, carefree, and,  being cocky is probably the last thing on his “what kind of person he want to be” list.  Determined to follow his daddy’s footsteps, he finally found his way of life. His biggest ambition is to someday become a great lecturer and mentor. In order to achieve his ambition, he participated in several mentoring activities and organization. Last year, he proved his determination by gaining 1st place in essay competition held by his campus. For him, the times of youth are something that must be spent wisely.

He applied for HNMUN in order to pursue his ambition to an even higher step. By joining  the international world gathering, he wishes to give his voice regarding the world issues. All of that, for the love of the science and knowledge. He always interested whenever people talk about human right and humanitarian. For that reason, he wishes to enter Disarmanent and International Security/1st Commitee in Harvard National Model. Since in that commitee, he could discuss about how the war victims should be treated, maintaining the international security and peace, and many others.

When he is asked about his biggerst strength and weakness, it would be his big trust toward the others. His caring nature often leads him to his own misfortune. But he always do that anyway. He could easily adapt with new environment. Some would say , his way of talking is unique, since he could not speak without his sundanese accent attached. But well, that is what makes him so different. You might burst in laugh when you listen to him speaking.

Adri Chairulfatah
Economics & Business 2010

DOB: Bandung, August 22nd , 1992
TOEFL Score: 548
Favorite Musics : Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses

This one is Adri Chairulfatah, 20 Years Old, he was Born in Bandung on 22nd of August 1992, he is from faculty of  economics majoring accounting. He is one of the delegates of HNMUN 2013. He is a really laid back person and a type of person that loves to have fun. His hobby is listening to music, playing video games and reading books. His motivation to join HNMUN is to have a better knowledge of other countries, to have an international organizational experience and also to be able to improve his English as well. It  is an honor for him to be one of the  delegates in Harvard National Model United Nations 2013. He realizes that HNMUN is a rare chance for him to develop himself to be a better man, he is really determined and he is willing to work hard in order to do well in HNMUN 2013. He prefer joining UNICEF or IMF for the committee in HNMUN 2013.

Zahra Noor Arifin Putri
Economics & Business 2010

Hello guys, she is one of the delegation of Harvard National Model United Nations, Zahra Noor Arifin Putri but she would like to be called as Zaa. She is 19 years old. Typically, she is a really friendly person and she can make a cheerful atmosphere wherever she is , that’s something makes her different  from the others.
It  is an honor for her to be a delegation of Harvard National Model United Nations 2013. She realizes this is the best achievement that she ever had. For her, HNMUN experience would be the beginning of her journey to reach her dreams.

It’s not easy  to be accepted here, there’s so many test until she was officially selected as one of delegates. She really want to have a new experience of her life that can challenge her in order to develop herself  to be a braver person.  She believes there’s so many benefits to join this such as get a new networking, getting  more knowledge about the other country  such as the culture and the important one is she wants to improve her English better.  In HNMUN 2013, she would like to join Social, humanitarian and cultural committee or World Health Organization committee. Goodluck Zahra.

Economics & Business 2009

Hafizah or Ephyt as she's usually called by her peers is a Scorpion born in November 18th, 1991. She's now studying economics majoring Management. Ephyt was  active in many college organizations such as Himpunan Mahasiswa Manajemen Unpad and doing her role in Student Society Division. She's also joining cultural mission and was sent to France and other European countries in order to contributing and promoting Indonesia traditional dance in July 2012. She hopes joining HNMUN will be able to improve and sharpen her diplomacy skill as well. 
Tika Karamita
Communication Science 2009

Tika Karamita, born in smalltown in Kalimantan Barat, on December 18th 1991. Tika is a fourth year management of communication student in communication science faculty.  She loves to watch movies – officially movie freak, and cannot starts her day without listening to the music, and admitted she madly in love with Foster The People, Maroon 5, The Beatles and Rooney. She said, there are so many valuable messages she can get from music and movie. She’s animal maniac lover and 100% supported to Stop every kind of ‘Animal Abused and Trafficking’, humorist, adaptable and a good singer.

She spent her kindergarden to Senior High in Ketapang, Kalimantan Barat  and decided to continued her education in Universitas Padjadjaran, took communication as her major because she believes communication is essential in every  level and it was fun to learn more about it. She attracted to Media development and that is why she chose Media management as her concentration study and join Himpunan Mahasiswa Manejemen Komunikasi as one of Media Information and Communication staffs.

Her motivations on joining HNMUN are to improves her awareness and knowledge about fundamental issues around the world, learns more about political, economical, and sosial, get whole new experience, be more critical, and prove she has ability to speak up. She believes involved in HNMUN can push her to be a better person and let her gain better insight. She stated, became one of HNMUN delegation is kind of big achievement and it made not only herself but also family proud of her. 

Muhamad Fadzrul
Social & Politics 2009

One of the delegates for HNMUN 2013 is ,MuhamadFadzrul. As a nick name we called it Fady, Fady is now going through the third year student in International Relations major in Faculty op Political and Social Science. As an International Relations student fady encouraged to understand the culture that spread across the globe, because that is the essence of international relations "Understanding". The 5 words that can describe fady is Hip Hop,Michael Jordan, NIKE, FC Barcelona, and Gadget, Michael jordan for him is like a hero, one of fady's long live dream is meeting Michael face to face.

Before fady become a student in University of Padjajaran he went to SMA 6 Mahakam. Before he graduated from highschool he got the goal in expanding his knowledge based on the fact that the world is a place that is very interesting and can give valuable experience to find happiness in life.In pursuit of happiness fady chose international relations as a means to get it. 3 years into his studies he did not want his time wasted, fady joined in several campus organizations such as HIMA HI (International Relations Students Association) and the Organization outside the campus, until he realized some important things in his life that "Everything that shines aint always gold !!".

As a person Muhamad Fadzrul slightly covered , He was not very open to new people and he was not believing gossip or the term "First Impression" because he believed in the process and humans have a nature that can be changed. He asume that prespective is the essence to understand a value. so if you wanna know Muhamad Fadzrul, value him just not by reading his papper because he is a kind of people that more then meets the eye.

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