Surely Unforgettable, GMUN 2011! (Part 2)

Important to be taken as a note: if we found the conference room for each committee was quite desolate, it’s not like what it actually seen! Don’t judge book by it’s cover, the heat was still on, it’s only remove into another room. In GMUN we called it as the Informal Consultation meeting – place where the delegates are gathering and discussed about the draft resolution. Even the resolution can be born in the most silent debate! That’s the power of will to reach the consensus.

Third, there were awesome Korean cultural attractions on every dinner ocassion, even for the best party we ever had in the Farewell Dinner session. Yes! We were sweating wearing formal attire!

Fourth, there were some booths outside the conference room, GMUN gave us the delegates the opportunity to make plausible memory while we were in South Korea. Such booths existed were pottery, traditional Korean fan, traditional necklace, and we are allowed to take a picture with Korean traditional cloth called Hanbok.

The Fifth point we impossibly left is new friends! The interesting part is to keep in touch with them after the conference, thanks to the internet! And one more door open in front of us! Are we ready to welcome the richness of international events?! Let’s participate in some other MUN all around the world! Take a chance!

(Stand from left to right: Dwi Fitriah Arrisandi, Murni Handayani Simangunsong, Rizka Mantini, Meizar Usteavie, Elizabeth Arden Madonna, Prima Rukmi, Ali Akbar)
(Sit from left to right: Muhammad Hidayat, Adriane W. Wiryawan, Veneta Prabarini, Dona Sherena Selvia)


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