HNMUN 2012 :-)

In the past 7 months, the 20 delegates already do lots of paper and speech in training in order to prepare themself for HNMUN 2012. Every twice a week the delegates do the training, learn how to make a good position paper, working paper and draft resolutions. Not only that, the delegates also learn how to make a good speech.

Finally Universitas Padjadjaran Delegation for HNMUN 2012 will be off to USA on 12 February 2012. It's surely been ups and downs. The delegates already received lots of material to do speech and make position paper from the Faculty Advisor. Now, they are ready to face the real sessions in HNMUN 2012 :D

Goodluck delegates! May you all nail in HNMUN 2012 :D

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