Surely Unforgettable, GMUN 2011! (Part 1)

Unlike the other MUN / model United Nations, this third annual GMUN 2011 (Global Model United Nations) surely unforgettable.

by: Dyah Ayu Prima Rukmi - International Relations 2008 

First, it was directed by the UN itself.

Second, it was held in Incheon, the International city of South Korea and it was summer – summer in Korea, could you imagine that?!

What is the surprised-center in this model United Nations? We were expecting for UN Secretary-General’s presence in the conference – His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon. We have this very rare opportunity to take photograph with him! But unfortunately, not all of the delegation from all committee in The General Assembly can take a picture with him. He left the Premier Ballroom earlier than we expected after His Excellency gave speech to all of the delegates. Although there are some disappointed faces (yes, from The Forth Committee which didn’t get the chance), still, the delegates were cheering and they agreed to make it as their once-upon-a-time life experience.


So, that’s enough for five seconds euphoria, now we’re back to tell you about this four days conference. Indeed, The General Assembly was divided into four committees, well known as the First Committee about Disarmament and International Security – this committee usually took debate issues about security, defense efforts, and sensitive international issues that directly face to face with hard politics. Let’s call it as the best friend of politic-military actions.

The Second Committee is about Economic and Financial – many ideas about welfare are really in tight correlation with this committee. International issues was hot on the floor, in GMUN 2011, the issue in this committee was about the sustainable development and improving market. The Third Committee well-known as Social, Humanitarian and Cultural committee being attracted to the issue about education and gender. It is not too exaggerating if we are regarding the Third Committee as the spotlight for soft politic concern. And now the Fourth Committee for Special Political and Decolonization part of The General Assembly. It’s been a pleasure to talk the real politic with representing each of our country interest. Diverse point of view of each country politic must meet in the same spot in order to come out with the single-consensus understanding towards the topic. That’s the challenge!

(to be continued...)

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