Here we announce you the applicants who got selected and go to the Next Round selection of UNPAD FOR UCL MUN 2012

A.      Accepted
Based on rank   :

1.       Hanny Risna à Faculty of Medicine, 2009
2.       Siti Fauziah à Faculty of Law, 2007
3.       Ester  Evasolinaà Faculty of Law, 2007
4.       Mizaro Alifsyar à Faculty of Economics and Business, 2009
5.       Majma Albahraini à Faculty of Social and Politic Science, 2011
6.       Albert RajajunjunganàFaculty of Economics and Business, 2009.

B.      Considerable
Based on Rank :

1.       Yugo Dwi Sampurno à Faculty of Economics and Business, 2009
2.       Balgis Alkaff à Faculty of Communication Science, 2009
3.       Rizkita Widya Murwani à Faculty of Law, 2011
4.       Christo Simamora à Faculty of Law, 2008
5.       Stanijuanita Marantika à Faculty of Politic and SocialScience, 2011
6.       Dyah Ayu Ariyantià Faculty of Law, 2001
7.       Epafras Sitepu à Faculty of Law, 2008
8.       Muhammad Farizan Zakiri, Faculty of Communiaction Science, 2011 *Considered Base on Essay*

C.      Least Consider
We considere these delegates to go to the 2nd Selection (NOT  2ND ROUND)  of UCLMUN*

1.       Andrean Adi Karesma à Faculty of Social and Politic Science
2.       Aditya Gema Pratomo à Faculty of Letter

A.      CONSIDERABLE category means in the next selection you will have another extra test to consider whether you are capable to be accepted as a delegate, therefore you have to come at 10 A.M on October 1st 2011.
B.      ACCEPTED Category means you have not to get any kind of extra test in the next selection, therefore you have to come at 1 P.M on October 1st 2011.
C.      LEAST CONSIDERABLE category means we suggest you to go to the 2nd Selection (NOT THE 2nd ROUND OF 1st SELECTION) on 25th September 2011 at 10 P.M SHARP!!!!!!!! Venue : Jatinangor
D.      Please pay attention to your essay’s score because it will be a consideration for your assessment in the next selection, here are the score 
1.       Epafras Sitepu : 42.5
2.       Majma Albahraini : 41
3.       Hanny Risna : 41
4.       Christo Simamora : 40.5
5.       Siti Fauziah : 39
6.       Yugo Dwi Sampurno : 39
7.       Ester Evasolina : 38
8.       Dyah Ayu Ariyanti : 36.5
9.       Mizaro Alifsyar : 35
10.   Albert Rajajunjungan : 33
11.   Muhammad Farizan Zakiri : 33
12.   Balgis Alkaff : 33
13.   Rizkita Widya Murwani: 32.5
14.   Stanijuanita Marantika : 28.5

The components of the scoring are à Writing Structure, Grammar, Ideas, Solvency/Slution, Source

For further informations, you may contact us
Hidayat 08111486361 or @zendayat
Elizabeth 085697376206 or @lisanapitupulu
Please mention your name when you give any kind of question to our contacts

Wait our further information in twitter as well as on your email.
In the end, we want to congratulate you guys and good luck for the next round J J J

The Conference will be held in UCL campus, London, UK.

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