The Extension of WMUN 2012 Registration

Registration to join WMUN Vancouver 2012 Selection is Extended!

Future Delegates! Considering that so many requests from UNPAD students to join HWMUN 2012,
We would like to give you another chance by extending the open recruitment of HWMUN 2012 UNPAD Chapter until September 9th 2012.
Harvard World Model United Nation as one of the biggest Model United event, needs the qualified students in bringing Universitas Padjadjaran achievers in International arena.

The requirement to take part for WorldMUN 2012 selection extended period, as follows:
a. CV + latest photos 
b. Two 1000 words entitled Essays: 

--> Outsourcing: new Slavery in the modern world
--> Preservation of the Ozone Layer
c. Application Letter
d. Motivation Letter

Deadline : September 9th at 6 PM.
Send: subject: full name-Faculty-Major-WMUN2012 

We also would like to thanks for applicant that submit application faster. Always check your e-mail and our official website & twitter for next announcement.
For Applicant that have submit the application, Please contact us if you did not get any notification via e-mail from us.

for more information, please contact Padjadjaran University Faculty 
1. Harris Subhan Riparev (085664901007/@ riparev)
2. Gahara Primasantana (08562266626/@ aggahara)

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