Veni, Vidi, Vici UNPAD for GMUN 2011!

Hi all,

It is almost a year after the first delegation of UNPAD for Global Model United Nations (GMUN) 2010, Malaysia. Experiencing the GMUN 2010, UNPAD for MUN again send the delegation for GMUN 2011, South Korea. 

(Left to Right: Meizar-Hidayat-Murni-Rizka-Elizabeth-Dona-Veneta-Dwi-Ali)

In GMUN 2011, UNPAD Delegation will be divided into 4 committees. 

First Committee (Disarmament and International Security)
1. Nuclear safety and security for sustainable development

2. The impact of armed conflicts on sustainable development

Delegate: Murni Handayani Sari (Faculty of Law 2007) representing Belize.

Second Committee (Economic and Financial Committee)
Improving market conditions in favor of alternative energy towards a green economy

Ensuring global food security through sustainable agriculture

Delegate: Adriane Widyaningdita W (Faculty of Economics 2008) representing Japan

Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)
Promotion of education and awareness as the main tools to effectively achieve sustainable development

Gender and sustainable development 

Muhamad Ali Akbar (Faculty of Economics 2008) representing Tanzania
Muhamad Hidyat (Faculty of Law 2007) representing Tunisia
Afra Ahimsa (Faculty of Political and Social Science 2008) representing South Korea
Dwi Fitriah Arrisandi (Faculty of Agriculture 2008) representing Monaco
Dona Sherena Selvia (Faculty of Letters 2008) representing Rwanda

Fourth Committee (Special Political and Decolonization)
Environmental refugees and internally displaced persons: forced migration and the problem of climate change

Renewing political commitment towards international environmental governance

Veneta Ayu Prabarini (Faculty of Economics 2008) representing Madagascar
Elizabeth Arden Madonna (Faculty of Law 2007) representing Kenya
Meizar Usteavie (Faculty of Law 2007) representing Belarus
Dyah Ayu Prima R (Faculty of Political and Social Science 2008) representing Cuba
Rizka Mantini (Alumnus of Faculty of Law 2007) representing Trinidad & Tobago

The delegation size is 13 people plus 1 person in charge (Head Delegate). The PIC for GMUN 2011 is Ms. Rizka Mantini whom also alumnus of GMUN 2010 as well as Ms. Veneta Prabarini. Both of them were enjoying good time in Kuala Lumpur (lived in diplomat's house, went sightseeing with Corps Diplomatic vehicles and took a part in diplomatic reception). We hope the 2011 will also have a good time in Incheon. 

Go kick some asses there, guys! Veni, Vidi, Vici...

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