UNPAD for GMUN 2011 at Kompas

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The Global Model United Nations 2011 is about kick off soon. The UNPAD for GMUN delegates have arrived at Incheon city and rested after long flight from Jakarta to Incheon. However the Head Delegate of UNPAD for GMUN 2011 is still in Bandung. She must attend her graduation day on August 9, 2011 and after that she will fly right away to Incheon. During her preparation for graduation, the head delegate was interviewed by Kompas about the involvement of Indonesian students in GMUN 2011 and particularly UNPAD.

(Rizka Mantini, the head delegate of UNPAD for GMUN 2011 gave some explanation about GMUN)

She explained about the GMUN and role of the Indonesia students there. Hopefully, this article will not be the last article about UNPAD for MUN in news. We are waiting your next story UNPAD for GMUN 2011!

nb: This story is also published by Bisnis Jabar.

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