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“Founded in 1955, only a decade after the creation of the United Nations, Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) is the largest, oldest, and most prestigious conference of its kind. Staffed entirely by Harvard College undergraduates, HNMUN brings over 3,000 students and faculty together from colleges and universities around the world to simulate the activities of the United Nations. HNMUN offers a unique opportunity to experience the challenges of international negotiation and diplomacy.” (

Future Delegates,
We are very pleasant to have you informed that it is now your turn to take part in “The 62nd session of Harvard National Model United Nations 2016” that will be held on February 11th 2016 through February 14th 2016, in Boston, MA, USA.

Our delegation team is opened for UNPAD students from any faculties.  All you need to do is submit the required documents exactly before the deadline, come to one of our selection days and bring the required documents along in the brown envelope.

I.               Selection Days
1st Stage : May 10th 2015
2nd Stage : May 16th 2015

1st Stage : May 24th 2015
2nd Stage : May 31st 2015

II.             Required Documents
-       CV
-       Motivation Letter including your understanding of what HNMUN is (1 page max)
-       Essay about a preselected topic that includes your own solution regarding the problem (2 page max)
-       Photo 3x4 color*
- Compile in one file (exclude photo), save in PDF format with the title “PreSelections_Name_Faculty_Batch”
(e.g PreSelections_AdindaSekarPrastantri_Communication_2012 )

Here are the listed essay topics
FIRST WAVE                   : Israeli West Bank Barrier
SECOND WAVE                       : will be announced on May 10th 2015

*no need to bring the hardcopy to the selection day

III.            Submission Dates
FIRST WAVE applicants                       : May 7th 2015 at 23.00 WIB
SECOND WAVE applicants                   : May 21st 2015 at 23.00 WIB

Please send all the required documents to : with the subject “1stWave_Name_Faculty”

Note : Second Wave applicants can not submit the required documents before it is officially opened.


1.     Please submit the entire required documents, right before the deadline.
2.     Second Wave applicants can not submit the required documents before it is officially opened.
3.     Please bring the required documents in the brown envelope on the selection day.
4.     Dates of selection day are fixed and final, we will not accept any conditions if the applicant can not attend the selection.
- -   PLEASE CHECK YOUR AVAILABILITY FOR EITHER FIRST WAVE SELECTION or SECOND WAVE SELECTION to help you decide which wave that will you apply for.  

For further information please follow our twitter @unpadformun for the updates, or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our FAs.

Irwanto : 081288311172
Adinda : 08170041006 / 08118700029

Faculty Advisors HNMUN 2016

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