Meet our Faculty Advisor of HNMUN 2013

Asyraf Firas Abdurrasyid
Accounting 2010

Let’s meet our FA for HNMUN 2013, Asyraf Firas Abdurrasyid. Firas is a second year accounting student in FEB. Other than enjoying financial accounting, Firas enjoys listening to music and seeking for the latest news in the domestic and international domain.

Firas spent his highschool life in Bandung, and continued doing so with his college. He dreams of continuing his study abroad to broaden his knowledge of the world, and HNMUN was one of the steps of realizing the plan. To balance his hectic college schedule, Firas involved himself in Accounting Student Body activities and was also involved in AIESEC. Firas has also been helping out with Asian Science Enterprise Challenge since 2009.

In HNMUN 2012, Firas represented Romania in the World Intellectual Property Organization. For him, HNMUN was an experience he could not forget, as it was a life changing event that changed his perceptions in many aspects, and he will try to share his knowledge for the future delegates.

Silmy Kamila
Management 2009

Let’s meet the other Faculty Advisor of HNMUN 2013, Silmy Kamila. Silmy as she usually called by her peers and family, is a third year student in Faculty of Economic and picking Management as her department. She loves to read, listens to almost all kind of musics and currently hitting Phoenix, Radiohead, and She & Him as her most-played songs on her iPod.

Silmy went to SMA Labschool Jakarta and surprisingly stranded in Faculty of Economics, as she said. International Relationship and becoming a great diplomat like Mr. Marty Natalegawa have always been her dream. But thankfully she’s getting her path in economic and marketing as well as years go by.

She keeps her life busy by joining many organizations such as Himpunan Mahasiswa Manajemen Universitas Padjadjaran, AIESEC from 2010 – 2011 as one of the External Relation staffs, and also volunteered herself on Indonesian Youth Conference back on 2011.

Silmy Kamila was representing Romania in Legal Committee in the HNMUN 2012 and was discussing “The Revision of Geneva Convention in the Role of War” as her topic of the session. She enjoyed HNMUN as much as any other delegates. She confessed that she never thought that HNMUN would be this great. But to meet hundreds of people from more than 40 countries you never thought you would met is another story. For her, everyone can have any highlights of their life. It could be having a vacation to Bora Bora or even having a baby. But for her HNMUN is surely one of the highlight of her life.

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