Taylor's MUN 2011- A Story from Petaling Jaya

Hi all,

First of all, maybe many of you guys will ask, “Where is Petaling Jaya?” But for us who attend Taylor’s Model United Nations 2011, this is so familiaaar place! 

Petaling Jaya is located outside Kuala Lumpur. Yes, TMUN 2011 is held in Malaysia at Taylor’s University Lake Side Campus, September 9th till 11th
2011. Unpad delegation for TMUN comes from three faculties which is economics, law and social and politic science. Here we are Muhammad Hidayat (Dayat) (FH), Eliazer Mikhael (Eli), Emma Ika M. (Emma) (FE), Idealisa Fitriana (Dea), Zelfa Lola (Lola), Chella Saradhina (Chella) , Riska Setiawati (Riska) and Viddy M. Naufal (Viddy) (FISIP).

Like other MUNs, TMUN 2011 give us the experiences to negotiating, lobbying and make a resolutions in 4 committee sessions. Unpad delegate members fill 4 committees in TMUN; UNSC, DISEC, UNHRC and ECOSOC. Hot debates absolutely happened in this MUN. But Unpad delegate shows their capability to deal with this situation. Like in my committee, UNHRC with our topic discussion is human trafficking; our draft resolution can be accepted generally after we lobbied other blocs. As well in other committee, Unpad students play a big role in each session. Another evidence of our big role, Unpad delegate can ‘steal’ one award available by Idealisa. Dea won “Best Position Paper Award” in her committee, DISEC *congrats, Dea!!! Other sessions in TMUN 2011 are opening ceremony TMUN 2011, speaker sessions by Dr. Ong Kian Ming (the topic is ‘Ethnic Conflict and Election) and Edmund Bon (the topic is ‘Malaysian Perspective on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ and last but not least, PARTY, either at first or our last night in TMUN 2011.

We enjoy this event. We can get new experiences from this event: Making new friends from other countries or Indonesian, learn a lot from the conferences and also get some short holiday at Negeri Jiran Malaysia. Hehe.. Oya, we also become very compact with fellow delegates from Indonesia since we live in the same hotels, in Ruemz or in Suns Inns. We usually come to the venue together, discussion about important issues and topics in TMUN together and also ‘berpusing – pusing’ Kuala Lumpur – Petaling together. Aah.. Sweet memories..

TMUN 2011 is over; this is the time to keep our nice memory about it. Getting the Taylor’s bus (to reach the venue) together, discuss and make draft resolution together in each room till 6 in the morning (without sleep, and we must attend the session at 9 am) having a late dinner at Wan’s Corner (the nearest restaurant from Suns Inns, also maybe become our favorite restaurant at Petaling :p ) together, shopping at Sunway Pyramids and going around KL. Yeah, this is not only about MUN. This is about the great time we spend in Malaysia together J See you in other MUNs guys!

Writtern by: Eliazer Mikhael - Faculty of Economics and Business 2008

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