Another story from Harvard National Model United Nations 54th Session

Bandung - Jakarta - Singapore - Tokyo - Minneapolis - Boston - New York City - Washington District of Columbia

As I promised you before, here is some memories and photos in Harvard National Model United Nations 2008. The delegation was 20 persons consist of 18 delegates and 2 faculty advisors. The head Delegate was Pritha Kusumatriani, Faculty of Law 2004. The faculty advisors and also trainers (up until now) were Astri Saraswati Gautama and Aggy Rachmawati.

Here is the photo of both of them, Achie and Aggy. Achie was the delegate in 2006 and Aggy was the delegate in 2007.

Left to Right: (Male) - Batam,Ucup, Gega, Aldi (Another story from Aldi as Faculty Advisor), Yangki, Angki, Haikal, Erdit, Eja. 
(Female) - Tata, Icha-ur, Vishi, Gina, Bryn, Ade (Zania), Icha, Nadiya, Adis (Another story from Adis as Faculty Advisor partnering with Aldi)

This photo taken when we were in Harvard University. The campus really huge, maintained and clean. The trip to Harvard was in the first day while we were in Boston. 

Other day in Boston. We were with friend's of Bryn who helped us a lot in Boston (he was studying at a University in Boston, anyway). This was taken in a pizza shop.

The most memorable moment. He was an extraordinary ambassador for United Nations, his name is Mr. Marty Natalegawa. It was amazing to have a discussion with him. We were in Permanent Mission to The United Nations New York office. A man who sit next to Mr. Marty, is the current ambassador.

Finally, here we are... 18 delegates and 2 faculty advisors, 

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